Cyber Monday – Pattern Release and Tour Round Up

Whew! Note to self: do not plan a blog tour and a pattern test for the two weeks that include your birthday, your oldest niece’s birthday, and Thanksgiving! What a wild couple weeks it’s been! I totally dropped the ball on sharing all the amazingness that was the Momma Quail Pattern Tour, so I thought I’d round it all up here. And, since it’s Cyber Monday, I have a new coupon code for you – “CYBERMONDAY” is good for 10% off any pattern in the shop! Wait – there’s more! The Spencer Slacks are up for sale and already 20% off – I’ll add some more info about them after the round up ;)

First up was Willow and the Stitch with a Zanzibar Tank hack. I adore how it looks lengthened into a dress! And that fabric – wow!

Zanzibar Tank hack by Willow and Stitch for Momma Quail Patterns and Friends Stitched TogetherCourtney has been involved in our Sewing with Boys venture – she did a tutorial for superhero tees using a handprint that are just all kinds of clever! She made these bright Calvin Cargos that really show off how combining different fabrics can completely change the look of the pants.

Momma Quail Pattern Tour - Calvin CargosMy friend Meriel has been a huge supporter of my patterns from the beginning and I’m so thankful for her! She shared a bunch of different MQ patterns, including a sized-down Timmy Top for her little man:

Momma Quail Pattern Tour - Calvin CargosLulu & Celeste shared this absolutely gorgeous, girly Jackalope Tee – it’s so pretty! And how fun is that FMA fox on the front, especially paired with the floral on the sides!

Jackalope-tee-sewn-by-Lulu-Celeste-coverPearberry Lane hacked the Abilene Skirt to add a ruffle to the bottom and it is amazing! I love everything about it, especially the fabric!!

Momma Quail Pattern TourMy friend Jessi and I go way back. She’s one of the nicest bloggers I know! And despite being quite pregnant, she made an adorable Jackalope Tee and Zanzibar Tank for her kiddos and they are so cute ;)

Momma Quail Pattern TourWe have another girly Jackalope Tee from Karly at Paisley Roots. I design mostly for boys, but it is so fun getting to see how well these patterns work for girls, too, and this fabric is amazing! Karly has sewn for CraftingCon a bunch of times (this is one of my favorites) and always makes the coolest stuff!

Momma Quail Pattern TourSpeaking of girly, Ajaire made an adorable pair for her daughter and they are amazing! I love how the white topstitching really stands out and you can tell how much fun she and “Bean” were having in the pictures :)

Momma Quail Pattern TourNext up is Michelle from Falafel and the Bee. Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers – she’s so genuine and encouraging! Oh, and we’ve actually met in real life – yes, her blog is exactly who she is, and yes, her daughters are that adorable! She made a lovely Abilene Skirt for her youngest:

Call Ajaire Momma Quail Pattern Tour Calvin mainOver on House of Estrella, there are some Barbie themed Just like Papa Briefcases that any little girl would love to have under the tree. This was one of my first patterns and it’s so fun seeing it still being loved! Magda is another CraftingCon friend (are you sensing a theme here? Yes, my friends tend to be nerds as well… ;) ) and she has always impressed me with her commitment to upcycling!

Momma Quail Pattern TourEssence is one of my most faithful testers – she’s been with me since the beginning and her kids have such a fun style and spunk. I love her pictures!

Momma Quail Pattern TourStephanie and I go way back – she was one of my first “blogger” friends and we chat all the time about sewing and patterns and kids. She used the most amazing fabric for her Jackalope Tee – I seriously can’t show my kids this picture or they will flip!!

Momma Quail Pattern TourMelissa is another good friend – she’s played along with CraftingCon (more than once!) and we competed against each other on Top Stitchers last season. She made an Abilene Skirt with a single kick vent instead of two:

Momma Quail Pattern TourJonie is another friend who has been such an encouragement to me and is always there to cheer me on when I need it. She made a pair of Jackalope Tees and included a FMA freebie for that adorable cupcake!

Momma Quail Pattern TourAnd last but very much not least, is Sew Thrifty sharing a lovely, delicate Abilene Skirt as well as a JLP Briefcase. If you read all the way to the end of her post, you can see what an amazingly generous person she is!

Momma Quail Pattern Tour

All I can say is “WOW”. I seriously felt the love during this tour! And I have been reminded how many very good friends I’ve made through blogging!

OK – let me dry my eyes a little and we’ll head on to the Spencer Slacks. They are 20% off this week, no coupon code needed. They are drafted for boys, sizes 12 months to 14 years (the size chart is in the listing), and the pattern prints in layers and on no-trim pages.

I love these slacks. I know I say that about every new pattern, but this may be my favorite so far! They have a modern fit with a blend of modern, classic, and traditional styles.

The waistband is held up with tabs and vest buckles (you could use a bar slider buckle, but the teeth on the vest buckles hold the fabric much better) instead of elastic. There is only a working fly option because the waist is fitted – don’t be intimidated though! They are easier than you might think and you can join our FB group if you need a bit of help ;)

Spencer Slacks - Momma Quail Patterns

The back of the pants have welt pockets that have the option of being buttoned. There are darts just above the pockets to help with the shaping and the waistband has a little vee in it for an extra detail.

Spencer Slacks - Momma Quail PatternsMy favorite part is the pleat in the front! It’s just big enough to add style, but not so big that you’ll have that 80’s “poof” ;) Another thing that is new to me, but I just love, is the blind hem! I included full instructions and they are really easy and look so professional!

If you’ve made it this whole way, I’m impressed!

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