CraftingCon Announced! {{ and}}

Tasha and I have teamed up with Maegen and Karen from to bring you CraftingCon – a series based on those things that we love to love!

CraftingCon is a monthly sewing competition with a different theme every month. There are four competitors for each theme who will each sew up one look. Our idea is for the looks to be inspired by the theme, but practical enough that they can be worn to the grocery store – in other words, no costumes (unless otherwise noted – like in October).

We will also have guests with inspirational posts and tutorials, including some adult features. That’s right – we have some brave ladies sewing up nerdy stuff for themselves and their husbands!

Want to get in on the fun? Email us at CraftingCon (at) gmail (dot) com to compete, guest post, or sponsor a prize!

We are also running a sew along in our CraftingCon Facebook group which is open to anyone. And if you aren’t inspired by this month’s theme, you can still join and sew along with a different month. We also like to share fun articles, our geeky projects, and our favorite reads in there. Looking for inspiration? Our Pinterest board is here and chock full of inspiration.

Once Upon a Time – March
The Crazy Tailor, Climbing the Willow
AmandaRose, The Design, the Stitch, and the Wardrobe
Sew Happily Forever After, Skirt Fixation
The Sewing Sparrow,

Mario – February
Lulu&Celeste, Thread Riding Hood
How I Make Stuff, GYCT Designs
Handmade Martini, Rebel and Malice
Girl like the Sea

Doctor Who – January 2015
Golden Rippy,
Manning the Machine,
The Fairy Dust Bin,

Eleven and Clara Osborn, TARDIS tee
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit – December 2014
Milileke, Fishsticks Designs
The Design, the Stitch, and the Wardrobe
I Married Superman
Sew Charming by Becky
LoTR Cloak Hoodie, Smaug

Hunger Games – November 2014
Milileke, Feather’s Flights
GYCT Designs, Modern Handmade
Nap Time Creations,
Peeta Pajamas

Villains! – October 2014
Sewing Sober, Ali Cat & Co
Gracious Threads, Berry Bunch
Climbing the Willow, Call Ajaire
Dandelion Drift, That’s What SHE Crafted
Captain Hook

Disney Princesses – September 2014
That’s Sew Kari, Shaffer Sisters
The Crazy Tailor, House of Estrella
Sewing Mama RaeAnna, Gracious Threads
That’s What SHE Crafted, Knot Sew Normal
Beauty and the Beast

Avengers – August 2014
Thread Riding Hood, Keep Calm and Carrion
Just Joshin, Climbing the Willow
Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy, Just Joshin
Once Upon a Sewing Machine, Shaffers Sisters

Star Wars – July 2014
Handmade BoyMade by Sara
Berry Bunch, Babyfish Designs
Paisley Roots, Swoodson Says
Falafel and the Bee,
Han Solo, Rebel Ewok, Lightsaber Bank, Join the Dark Side

Harry Potter – June 2014 (competitor, guest post):
The Inspired Wren, Manning the Machine
Pieces by Polly, MaeFlowers&JuneBugs
Stitched by Crystal, Mimi’s Mom
Feather’s Flight

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