CraftingCon Tour – Day One

We are so excited to start off the blog tour for CraftingCon! Over the week, we have some fantastic ladies showing off some even more fantastic looks! Be sure and check back each day to see what they’ve come up with – we’ve seen the sneak peeks and you do not want to miss any of them! We’ll also compile all the links over on the CraftingCon page. And Maegen has something fun over here!

Each tourist got to choose one of the twelve themes and sew up a look based on that. The themes are: June – Harry Potter; July – Star Wars; August – Avengers; September – Princesses; October – Villains!; November – Hunger Games; December – Hobbit; January – Dr Who; February – Mario; March – Divergent; April – Disney (not princesses); May – Board Games.

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Each month will have a linky party, so you can show off all your creations too! Feel free to grab the code for the button from the sidebar if you decide to join in. (Looks like the code isn’t working – I’m trying to fix it, but for now you can get it from Maegen‘s sidebar!) (And we’re back up – thank you Chelsea! The code in the sidebar works now!) We’re still working out the details, but we’ll probably pick a favorite and a random winner from the pool. If you don’t have time to make something this month, you can link up a look from the past year.

To start things off, I have a look for you today, because I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun! Tasha will be sharing another look later on this week :)

Let's be Bad Guys - CraftingCon Blog Tour {{}}

“I’ll get you Potter! And your little dog, too!”

Timmy is rocking the bad boy look here – he totally fits into Harry Potter and Villains!

Let's be Bad Guys - CraftingCon Blog Tour {{}}

“Who me? A bad guy?”

He has an Anytime At All Tee with a Slytherin Crest on the pocket and the phrase “Let’s be Bad Guys” in silver. To be honest, this happy, chunky little guy would probably be placed into Hufflepuff and his brother into Slytherin, but Timmy needed the clothes more than John, so…

Let's be Bad Guys - CraftingCon Blog Tour {{}}

His pants are modified Castaway Cargoes. I found a pair of white jeans at Goodwill and used the existing side seams and back pockets. And added a little added snake skin stitching :) The pockets are lined with the green knit from his tee and the waistband is made from it too, so it’s nice and comfy!

Let's be Bad Guys - CraftingCon Blog Tour {{}}

Let's be Bad Guys - CraftingCon Blog Tour {{}}

He also got a little interesting detail on the faux fly. I love dressing my boys in “fan” clothes that aren’t over the top or cartoon-y – and this outfit makes me seriously happy!

CraftingCon – Harry Potter starts the first week of June! Subscribe by email or follow us on Bloglovin’ (links on the right) or Facebook so you don’t miss anything! Contestant looks will be on Mae&K and guest posts and tutorials will be here this month.

If you want in on the action, we’re looking for bloggers both big and small to compete, guest post, and write tutorials for December – May. Send an email to CraftingCon (at) gmail (dot) com – we’d love to have you!

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      Thanks Kathy! I love them, but I may have to dye them a different color – my boys look great in white, but can’t keep it that way :)

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