CraftingCon Tour Day Four!

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CraftingCon Blog Tour Day Four
Today we have Maris from Sew Maris – she has the cutest little Hermione outfit over on her blog today! Her granddaughter is just adorable! Maris has lots of tutorials on her blog, and a bunch of Japanese sewing tools over in her Etsy shop. She made the comfiest looking cardi for herself – and seriously – that first picture! Doesn’t she look like such a fun Grandma? What a lucky girl “Hermione” is :) She also has this great tutorial for an Easy One Hour Skirt which I will certainly be using for my nieces!
CraftingCon Blog Tour Day Four

And for our Disney (not princesses) look, we have Alyssa from CalmandCarrion. Alyssa is from New York, but lives in the small town of Port Angeles, WA with her family.  Her two little models, Inara and Connor are 5and 22 months and definitely make getting anything done an adventure.  After 8 years as an MP officer in the Army, it was time to choose a new path and Alyssa came back to sewing.  Alyssa has always been a Geek at heart from the Dr. Who and Sailor Moon tattoos to naming her kids based on favorite show characters (Firefly and Primeval-unless you ask dad,who says Highlander), so she is really excited to be part of CraftingCon.  Some of her favorite projects are her Supergirl Inspired Candy Waltz Collection from Candy Castle Patterns and her collection of nerdtastic Rockstar Raglans from Little Kiwi’s Closet.  She’s even dabbled in some Zelda Inspired Quilting.  And now she is thrilled to show off her Mulan and Shang inspired “Disney Heroes” themed outfits!

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