CraftingCon with Thread Riding Hood

Sherri is seriously one of my favorite bloggers. It seems like every thing she does just turns out great and today is no exception! I’m absolutely going to have to copy this hoodie – possibly even for myself ;)

For this season of CraftingCon we are having a sew along! We’re running it in our Facebook CraftingCon group and is open to anyone who wants to join in (and if you don’t like this month’s theme, you’re more then welcome to join now and play along with a future theme!) The competition look and linky are over at Mae&K today – you will love Ula’s Tanooki-inspired Mario!

Hi everyone, I’m excited to be able to participate in Crafting Con again! I’m Sherri and I usually blog over at Thread Riding Hood. I sew a lot for my two daughters and fill up the rest of the time sewing some of everything else. Since creating two winning Avengers inspired outfits last August, I was excited to give some thought to my family’s other favorite – Mario. The photo-shoot was super-fun as well and (as you can see) my daughter even got involved with some of the graphics!

We have always been a Nintendo family — lots of kid-friendly games and cute graphics. My daughters recently discovered our Wii U and it’s been fun to play together! Even before they could play, our kids would sit and watch my husband “make the little red man run”. And since they adore their Daddy and LOVE whatever he’s into we hear a lot of Mario references around here – along with Star Wars and Avengers of course!

I could not be happier now that the sweater is actually finished. It was made during a total sewing-fail week and I think I installed the zipper at least 3 times. The construction was much more complex in the beginning. (And it’s the reason this post is not a tutorial!) I wasn’t happy because the finishes weren’t very professional – so the whole thing got ripped out one last time. I simplified the idea, and it’s done! And it fits! And my daughter loves it! So, instead of a tutorial, I have decided to write about the construction details so you have more information if you’d like to make one too.

I have to credit my husband for the idea on this hoodie. I was originally going to do something flat on a sweater or t-shirt and he suggested having Mario on a zipper pull – so he could climb the beanstalk – of course! That sparked a whole lot of research and a cloud-lined hood, because everyone needs a smile on their sweater.

I used the ever-popular Bimaa pattern for the hoodie, splitting the front pattern piece into two with seam allowances added (to attach the zipper) to the centre front and hood front. It makes a nice slim zip-up, I really like the look of it. I would not have had as many problems with the construction if that was the end of the idea! Unfortunately, the first time I made the beanstalk facing, I layered too many pieces of green jersey while trying to line the inside of the zipper. This created super thick fabric that was hard to work with. All that practice means I won’t do the same thing next time – thank goodness!

Since they are so iconic to the original Mario game, I had to include at least one brick block, a question mark block and a smiley cloud. The blocks are pockets and I used freezer-paper stencils to put them on interfaced ponte de roma knit. They were sewn on before the bottom band was attached. The cloud hood, though, is my favorite part! Since there is a cloud at the top of the beanstalk, the idea was to make the hood lining be the cloud. I had some sheer knit with dots and backed it in white so the blue outer hood wouldn’t show through. The face is another freezer paper stencil and I placed it high enough that it shows when the hood is down. So cute!

For the beanstalk, I interfaced a strip of green jersey and traced whole bunch of knit leaves onto it. Once this was backed with a non-interfaced piece of green, I sewed on the traced lines leaving the bottom of the leaf open, cut them out and turned them. It really was not as bad as I thought it would be – and since I didn’t want the look of raw knit edges, it seemed about the only way to do it. Mario is an iron-on ink-jet printout. I stitched him up and put a rivet at the top of the pull. Then I used my change a zipper-pull tutorial to add him to the sweater.

I’m so excited to see what the contestants are going to do this month. There are sneak peeks all over on Instagram. SO exciting and fun to follow along! Good luck to everyone. And many thanks to everyone at Crafting Con for having me over again. (P.S. If you want to see a fun animated gif of the hoodie in action come over to Thread Riding Hood to check it out.)

Isn’t that just awesome?? The smile in the hood is my favorite!


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