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Well, it looks like this year is going to fly by just like 2014, if January is any indication! We’re already on our last Doctor Who competitor – Kate actually won our Hunger Games sewalong with her Peeta and Gale looks and she’s sharing some more adorable outfits today!

Don’t forget, we’re running the sewalong (as well as sharing all sorts of fun links and resources) in our Facebook CraftingCon group and it’s open to anyone who wants to join in (and if you don’t like this month’s theme, you’re more then welcome to join now and play along with a future theme!). Scroll to the end of the post for the link up.

Hi! I’m Kate from The Fairy Dust Bin.. Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows, and one I’ve shared with my kids, so when it came up on Crafting Con, I started designing outfits before I knew if I would even be considered as a contestant. Once I was actually a participant, I suddenly had to narrow it down and choose one, and then keep from winding up with a cosplay. In the end, however, I got one idea in my head… And I couldn’t look away. So don’t blink!

Weeping Angels are awesome monsters, the only ones out there that “kill you nicely”. I made a Greenstyle Creations Lacy n Lane Hoodie in a light gray, since the angels are stone statues. And what is an angel without wings? For the back, I drew up an angel wing, then used it to make a reverse applique wing design of dark gray wing feathers. I wound up doing the outline stitching by hand, which took so much more time than I anticipated, but was worth the results. This also has the thumb hole cuffs that are so coveted in my house, and I used a fabric marker to write “don’t blink” across them. Since she lives in skirts, I made a simple gathered skirt in gray shot cotton to echo the angels’ dresses, but shortened it to the knee. Floor length gets in the way of all of that Weeping Angel quickness.

When there’s an angel attacking, The Doctor isn’t far away. There was a long list of ideas for Doctor-inspired outfits too, but eventually we settled on my favorite. Ten went casual in a brown Peek a Boo Pattern Shop Hangout Hoodie with blue accent, and a pinstripe button. There’s a banana applique on the front because The Doctor likes bananas. You should always take one to a party, bananas are good. I added the quote on the back in banana yellow paint.

Thanks for checking out my looks here! I hope you enjoyed my Doctor Whoodies. ;)
Uh Oh. Someone blinked!

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