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I’m sure our competitor today needs no introduction – Sarah from The Crazy Tailor is taking the blogging world be storm! Her work is always amazing, so it’s not hard to see why!! Don’t forget you can sign up here to be involved in CraftingCon. and you can hop over to Mae&K to see the inspiration post.

CraftingCon: Snow White

Hi there! I’m Sarah from The Crazy Tailor. I was so excited when I heard about this series! Although admittedly, I am not geeky at all. In fact, the Princess Month was really the only one I could enter…I haven’t seen any of those other movies! #iliveunderarock

Snow White was the first Disney Princess. Who could have guessed that she would still be turning heads today? When it came down to figuring out my game plan for practical, yet still recognizable Snow White, I was stumped. It dawned on me that I don’t dress my daughter in very many primary colored items…and as a result, my fabric stash was kind of lacking in the usual Snow White colors: royal blue, light blue, cherry red, bright yellow. Uh-oh. And also, I’m on a stash-busting streak….I had to make do! So I went for a more muted, almost antique Snow White look (she was the original, after all!).

CraftingCon: Snow White

CraftingCon: Snow White

I used the Fawn Lily with the only modification being the deep red flat bias on the inside sleeve seam. I used that to mimic the red striping in Snow White’s puffy sleeves. I love how the sleeves curve upwards to the neckline. I really wanted to incorporate the white stand collar on Snow White’s dress, but couldn’t figure out how to make it not look costume-y. I like that the stlyle lines of the dress actually gives the feeling of a stand collar/cape. The other fabric in the dress can be seen in past garments I’ve made: the sleeves are blue chambray, the bodice is upcycled from an old dress and the skirt is a chiffon I found in the bargain bin. See? Sewing your stash is good!

CraftingCon: Snow White

J loved her dress and so do I! It’s something that can be worn every day, but the discerning eye would see the Snow White inspiration without it appearing to be a costume.

CraftingCon: Snow White

CraftingCon: Snow White

Of course, we had to get this classic photo:

CraftingCon: Snow White

Thanks so much for inviting me along, ladies! This was a challenge that really got me out of my comfort zone. For a while there, I thought I had bit off more than I could chew (harhar!) but I’m glad I did it anyway! For more photos, head on over to my blog!

Oh wow! I am so in love with this dress! Like – I want one for myself, in love!

This month’s giveaway is this adorable Snow White dress in size 4T, donated by Kara. Even if you don’t have a girl in that size, it would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a special someone who does!

Snow White

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We know it’s hard to define the line where a princess dress becomes a costume, so we are opening the linky party to any and all Prince or Princess looks, Disney or otherwise! You’ll notice I said Prince – I’m planning on Beast and Prince Eric for my boys! The girls can’t have all the fun :) Have you made your daughter a Cinderella ballgown? Add it. Does your girl wear her upcycled tee with Elsa’s face on the front? Add it. Did you make your son a Prince Charming costume for Halloween? Add it! One lucky linker will win one pattern of their choice from some more of our favorite designers: Paisley Roots, Fabulous Home Sewn, Pie Pie Designs! What are you waiting for? Get linking!

Rules for the link up: Enter anything fiber-related and Prince- or Princess-themed from the past year (this means last Halloween counts!). There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that fits the theme, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!

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  1. Sara says:

    Love it Sarah! The Fawn Lily dress pattern is a favorite of mine. It is such an amazing pattern…

    Now to the ladies – where did the Inspector Gadget post go?! It was a piece of amazing sewing art.

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      Sarah is right Sara! They had posted all the dates a week ahead when they announced everything so I still had that on my calendar. When it occurred to me that I wasn’t seeing any other PR&P posts I figured it out and rescheduled for next week :) I’m glad you liked it!!

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