Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour (and a Giveaway!)

If you’ve known me for very long, you probably know that I will go to almost any lengths to avoid hand stitching. Well, recently I came across a project that I decided would look amazing with some embroidery work, so I actually got out some floss, turned on Doctor Who, and got to work!

This is the Reversible Convertible Bag by Cozy Nest (affiliate link) – that may seem like a mouthful, but it describes the bag perfectly! I received the bag for free for the tour – all opinions are my own. Scroll to the end for the giveaway – each day of the tour has a separate giveaway, so make sure to check them all out! You can also use the coupon code “bagtour” for 25% off this pattern. Expires 8/2/14.

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

Four bags in one – you can flip it inside out for a completely different look and then tuck the upper portion into the bottom for a smaller bag!

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

When I first talked to Sarah (the designer), I was planning on doing an R2D2 bag – it is Star Wars month after all! I seriously couldn’t wrap my head around how the bag went together at first, though – I should have painted all the pieces before sewing them together. Once the white bag was put together and I figured out how it worked, it was too late! So I put it aside for a while….

…and everytime I thought about finishing, it became more intimidating and more complicated in my mind. I couldn’t decide on an inner bag fabric, I was bummed R2D2 didn’t work, I thought the bags came apart so I couldn’t figure out why there were no separating zippers… You would not believe how many times I thought about just telling Sarah that I was going to buy the pattern and drop out of the tour. Finally, one day, I decided: bag or bust! And hey, look! A bag!

And what a bag! Once I got back into it and just followed the directions, it came together in an afternoon (minus the embroidery)! I should have embroidered a white whale on the pink bag, but instead I found these adorable designs from Wild Olive. They’re simple designs with a big impact and didn’t take long – yay!

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

And on the white canvas side, I painted these abstract daisy-ish flowers – I used the head of a pin dipped in black to make the dots in the centers. I cut tp two canvas bags from the Walmart craft section for this one side. This is the bottom half of the outer bag. I thought I bought D-rings (and I probably did and just lost them while I was dithering about making this) but couldn’t find them, so I used key rings for the strap to hook on and that worked just fine. I made one strap that would work with both sides of my bag. I think the only thing I would change is to make the strap about double length so it can be a cross body bag (I’m pretty sure I mis-read the cutting length and it should be long enough for this in the pattern…). I’m so used to having a giant purse that I almost left this at the movie theater the other day!

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

Here you can see the inner and outer bags together. There are back-to-back zippers at the top there which are what makes it reversible. And there are the key rings at the top for the strap.

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

You even get a clutch option! The pink and gold fabrics are from JoAnn – I love how the gold adds a fun shine and a bit of “fancy” for date nights.

Cozy Nest Reversible Convertible Bag Tour

A big thank you to Sarah for letting me make this truly awesome bag for the tour! If you’re looking for a new purse and don’t have a ton of time, I’d definitely suggest using this pattern to get four different bags for the price of one! Quite possibly the best part of the pattern is that Sarah includes several pages of labels for all the different bag parts – and there are a lot! This way, you don’t get pieces mixed up or lost – clever, clever… :) All the little additions like that make what should be a seriously complicated pattern, surprisingly easy!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    That was one thing I learned making this bag. Don’t even try to figure it out. Just trust the process and go step by step. Sarah did all of the thinking for us! Great job. Love the extra you gave with the embroidery.

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      Thanks Jonie! I love how it turned out! I almost never have the patience for it and wish I would do more :)

  2. Maria says:

    What a cute bag Amy. I don’t like doing hand stitching either but I love to see other peoples hand stitching and yours is adorable. I also like the photo that shows the two zippers back to back. It really helps to visualize how the bags convert.

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      Thanks Maria :) That was one of the most confusing parts for me, so I was hoping it would help people!

  3. Allison P says:

    I love all your versions but I’m especially in awe of your amazing hand embroidery…wow!!! Beautiful work!

  4. Naomi Vela says:

    I like them all, but my favourite would be the salmon pink and gold combo clutch…would be a great evening bag….well done on the stitching too

    Naomi x

  5. Lori Morton says:

    Loooove the painted flowers bag! How creative!! Definitely my Fave of the 4…like it as Tote best too. :)

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