Breakfast Egg White Muffins

You will have to also excuse my posts if they seem short and dull, my Internet is working when it wants to and that leaves me blogging on my phone! iPhones are pretty nifty but there is only so much you can do on that little itty bitty screen! :)
Today on Tasty Tuesday I am going to share my favorite breakfast! Egg white veggie muffins! Sounds odd I know but they are healthy and yummy and super easy! I make about a weeks worth at a time.
Here is what you will need:
Egg whites Veggies (of your choice) Muffin pan Cooking spray Seasoning (again of your choice)
Per heat your oven to 350 degrees, spray muffin tin with cooking spray. If you want you can add your veggies and egg whites directly into the tin like I do or mix all ingredients in a seperate bowl. I like to add a little egg white to each cup on the tin, then add some salt, pepper and original Mrs. Dash. Then add some sliced fresh mushrooms and red and yellow peppers. Put a couple pieces if fresh spinach on top then full the cup the rest of the way with egg whites. It will depend on your oven, but cook your muffins about 15-20 minutes.

    When I take them out of the oven I run a butter knife around the edge of all of my muffins but I don’t remove them from the tin until mostly cool. Once I remove them I let them completely cool, unless I’m going to enjoy a couple right away, then I put them in ziploc bags. I like to put two in a bag that way each morning you can grab out a bag heat it up really quick in the microwave and have breakfast ready!!
It is a wonderful and healthy recipe! If you wanted you can experiment with all sorts of veggies and meat and cheese! If you do please let me know how they taste!!

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