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Who says boys can’t wear pink?!?!?! In preparing for this blog tour I took a page out of our friend Maegen over at Mae & K… She researches stuff all the time before and as she makes it. So I wanted to know why is it so taboo for boys to wear pink? Originally when society started “gender marking” babies it was reversed. Pink was for boys because it was such a striking color. It seemed manly to be able to wear a bright hue and then very gentlemanly to where a soft pink. Somewhere along the way we swapped and now it is “awkward” to see boys in pink. I’m lucky if my kid puts a shirt on and doesn’t run around in his Spiderman unders all day so where pink baby boy…. and wear it well!!

Boys can wear pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}

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I have one of each and to say I have a manly guy and a girly girl are no where near the truth! Mr. M loved that he got to have his own pink shirt. His exact words to his sister were, “Ha Ha you are not the only one who gets to wear pink!” Mr. M is very opinionated about what he wears if I let him pick it out. So when I told him I was going to make him a pink shirt he told me he was going to pick it out! And that he did!! We went onto the computer and I pulled up all of my t shirt patterns to let him look at. It took him forever but we finally decided on the Anytime at all tee by Shwin & Shwin.


Boys Can Wear Pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}

“what mom? Just let me be cool!”


And here is where he got picky!! After we picked out his shirt he had to decide on the right shade of pink. Not baby pink because he is a tough dude ya know! Bright pink was for his sister he said… jeez this kid! HA Once we decided on that he wanted blue accents and then at the last minute he tells me, “Oh mom!!! It really needs to have a skull on it!” …… ummm….. sure son! Decisions, decisions!!!! Did I want to do a stencil, an applique, or actually try my hand at embroidery on the wonderful embroidery machine the hubby got me MONTHS ago that I have just been so chicken to try out??

Boys Can Wear Pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}

Yep, I braved the embroidery and now I love it!!! I even told Amy I was going to embroider everything for every holiday! They are expecting St Patrick’s day embroidered clothe napkins soon! I asked Mr. M if he wanted mom to add some cool stitches and I got the first glimpse into the teen years! The look I got was like I just asked him if he wanted gas money for his new jeep… that “mom that was the dumbest question ever!!! Of course I want that!”


Boys Can Wear Pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}


Other than that I wanted to keep it pretty simple! Let the PINK be the star!! It is sad the times we live in now that if a boy wears pink it must mean he is girly or going to grow up a different way.  The little boy that was at the park when we were there stopped Mr. M and told him his shirt was cool. The dad rolled his eyes and shrugged, but Mr. M stayed true to himself and proudly said, “yep I’m a cool dude!” Color is just color… it is pretty awesome and every kid should be proud to sport every color they see in their crayon boxes!

Boys Can Wear Pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}



Mr. M had a blast showing off his Pink Skull shirt at the park and proving to everyone around that… Boys Can Wear Pink!!



Boys Can Wear Pink {{Friends Stitched Together}}


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