Boys can Wear Pink Blog Tour

If you’ve been by the blog before, you may know that I try not to force my boys into gender stereotypes – they have a toy oven, they wear hearts and embroidery, and they like to wear pink! We played along with the Boys can Wear Pink blog tour last and and we’re doing it again now!

Boys can Wear Pink 2016 - Friends Stitched Together

“But this IS my real smile, Mom!”

John has been shooting up like a weed lately (but only straight up – he can still fit in Tim’s 2T shorts!) and outgrowing all his clothes. I made him a bunch of jackets and coats this winter, but none of them are cool anymore because they don’t have hoods AND thumbholes! I added both to this jacket, which he’s excited about, although he informed me this morning on the way to school that he really wished there were ten fingerholes instead…

Boys can Wear Pink 2016 - Friends Stitched TogetherI used the raglan shirt pattern that I’ve been fighting with – I think it’s getting closer to finally being ready! I went up a couple sizes, added a zipper, pocket, and cuffs, and totally winged the hood. John has been obsessed with being five since he turned three, and it’s finally going to happen this summer – he’s so excited! I had to add his favorite number on the front ;)

Boys can Wear Pink 2016 - Friends Stitched TogetherI was going for kind of a letterman jacket feel – I’ve been intrigued by the idea of adding a zipper to a hood for a while now. It’s a little wonky, but not bad for the first time!

Boys can Wear Pink 2016 - Friends Stitched TogetherThe jeans are another pattern I’m working on (in fact, I’ll be looking for testers today in the Momma Quail Pattern group!). This is the “boys” boot-cut, which has a subtle flare. I used a dark wash denim and did all the topstitching in pink – when I was finished, the first thing I thought was that they look like something I wore in high school… But luckily when he actually put them on, they looked OK – I really didn’t want to have to change things at the last second!

Boys can Wear Pink 2016 - Friends Stitched TogetherBe sure to check out the other stops this week – I’ve seen a lot of sneak peeks and things are looking pretty cool!!



    • Amy and Tasha says:

      I’m really happy with how it turned out! I do have it on the list of patterns to work on – now let’s see if it gets done ;P

  1. JessiBerry says:

    You are amazing! I love the zipper on the hood! I wanted to do pink top stitching on pants too!
    Isn’t it funny the obsession the kids have with turning 5? It’s like a magical number!
    Oh my goodness… My little guy keeps growing but stays just as skinny too!

    • Amy and Tasha says:

      I’ve been obsessed with the zipper in the hood for a while now – I finally had a reason to do it! Lol! I so don’t get the whole “five” thing – he talks non-stop about “this summer when I turn five!”

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