Baking with the Little’s -Mini Whoopie Pies


Amy and I were trying to figure out a valentine-ey craft for the boys to do on their play date this week, but everything I came across seemed really girly. I do know one thing these boys like and that is food (sweet food especially) and getting their hands messy! I searched hi and low to find a recipe that would involve the boys somehow without having them actually all up in our business while trying to bake. That is when our dear old friend Betty Crocker helped a momma out!!

Valentin'es Whoopie Pies - Baking with Littles {{}}

I found this recipe for Mini Whoopie Pies. PERRRRRRFECT!!

I went ahead and baked  up the cookies ahead of time and whipped up the filling so that way the boys could just assemble (play with) and eat!

I did make half of the batch with vanilla in the cookies and the other half with raspberry!!

Speaking of half a batch, half way through making these, my stinking hand mixer decided it wanted to half way break…. I was left mixing all of the filling and all of the vanilla cookies with only one beater!! hahaha it wasn’t easy but I finished!


The boys were playing with markers prior to the cookies… hence the blue on their faces.


very serious business of assembling cookies


so yummy!


Tim didn’t get to decorate, but he still got to enjoy the cookies!


If mommy helps mommy gets to make a mess too!


So excited to play with the icing.


Already over the cookies and wanting to go play


“ok we are all done, can we eat these candies and then go play?!?!”

Brooke napped the whole time so sorry, she isn’t present in any pictures, so I will share this one from yesterday when she was helping me make the filling.


If the box tastes this good, imagine how yummy the filling is!

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