Another Recess Raglan

My plan this year is to make at least ninety percent of John’s wardrobe for the fall and winter. Not cause it’s cheaper, but because I can customize it! I love me a witty tee, but the crazy graphic type and the character ones get kinda old after a while. So here’s yet another Recess Raglan. Cause they’re so cute :)


I love this fabric from Girl Charlee! It’s thick enough that his skin doesn’t show through the white stripes, but still “angel soft” as Tasha puts it.


I wanted to do the three quarter sleeves with the band at the bottom, but couldn’t decide if that would be too girly or not. So I cut them out at the “hemmed” length, and of course forgot to cut that extra inch off when I decided to go ahead with the bands.


Which makes them more like four fifths sleeves.


He doesn’t seem to mind.


I first saw this fabric in THIS post by CINO and was afraid (again) that it would be too girly. His dad’s a little sensitive about that after I made him model this flower girl skirt for a friend’s wedding.

PicMonkey Collage

Ha. I think it’s cute. Daddy’s fault for not making me a girl…


John just discovered Legos – or bobots, as he calls them. His first set had some droids in it so he thinks they’re all robots now. It’s the best way to get him to hold still for pictures!

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