Amy & Tasha

We are best friends who have put our creative minds together to share with you all the fun things we enjoy making. We love to share our latest and greatest creations, yummy recipes, stories about our adorable kids, and items we have for sale in our Etsy shops!

We met two years ago and discovered we were kindred spirits – stay at home moms with (at the time) one toddler boy each. We bonded while talking about craft stuff and decided to get together for our kids to play. We were probably more nervous about that play date than our first dates with our husbands! But obviously things clicked. The more we got to know each other, the more we realized we had in common. In fact, we’ve been known to text each other the exact same thing at the same time. Sometimes even our own moms can’t tell who wrote which post until they see our signatures at the end :)

In January of 2013, we started blogging together. Being partners definitely takes the pressure off running a blog! Since we both had our second kids that year, we were able to take over for each other, and still keep things going. It is so fun being real life best friends and being able to do something like this together! We have some pretty fantastic things planned for this year and we’re pretty excited to see where our creativity is going to take us!


These are the main star of our show: Brooke – or Princess B – will be one this year and Miles will be four – they’re Tasha’s little models. John and Tim are three and one and they are Amy’s. We think they’re pretty adorable! We also have occasional guest appearances by a whole slew of older nieces and nephews when we have more projects than bodies to put them on.

Thanks for stopping by! We’d love to have you stay and look around a while!

You can also find us at any of these links or scroll down to contact us:

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