Onesie Dress Tutorial

                       I needed something cute to make for my niece that is turning one in a couple days. I have seen a million different takes on taking a onesie and turning it into a dress, and thought… “I could do this and be the millionth and one person to do it!” I will walk you through how I completed this super cute dress!!

First you will need to gather your materials. A onesie (one you have laying around or a brand new one it doesn’t matter), roughly 1 yard of fabric, some ric rac, thread, and scissors!
I wanted to share with you the first picture I had taken when trying to capture all of the materials needed….
The next step is to shove your ever so growing belly out of the way… yeah like that is possible right?? Any who moving on…
My onesie happened to be long sleeved. I searched high and low and for the life of me could not find a single 12 month onesie that was short sleeved!!! So I add an extra step at the beginning due to this needing to be a short sleeved dress. If your onesie is already short sleeved you can skip down past where I cut and hem this one!
Now here is where everyone can meet up and continue the tutorial together, thank you for waiting.
  I then took the ric rac and sewed it along the edge of the sleeve right over the hem.
Viola’ the sleeves are done!
I added the ric rac on the sleeves at first to hide the new hem cause I didn’t like it, but now I am pretty sure I will add the ric rac to all sleeves when making this dress!
Now moving on to making the skirt and bib.
I measured the onesie to see how long I would want the skirt to be. Starting at about the place you want to have the skirt start and then down past the end of the onesie.
Once my skirt was all measured out, I put it off to the side so I could make the bib accent first.
I looked for a nice detail in my fabric that would look cute for the bib. Then I turned the fabric over to draw out my bib.
I drew a couple different sizes because, well I am really indecisive, and I didn’t want to make it huge and have it too low on the onesie and run into my skirt and/or too small and look silly!!
Cut out your desired bib length and attach it to the onesie.
I debated between adding the ric rac and adding a ruffle, and ended up just going with the ric rac. Maybe the next one I make I will add a ruffle to!
Once bib is complete it is time to sew the skirt together!
I almost always prefer a zig zag stitch on the bottom of skirts, so that is what I did!
Next we need to sew the top. You don’t want to leave the top edge raw or it will unravel.
I used a smaller top hem so once the ruffle was added it wouldn’t feel bulky, remember this is for a 12 month old!
Once top and bottom are hemmed we can add the ruffle to it!
Now here is where I have slightly failed you… When finishing sewing the skirt I forgot to take pictures of placing the fabric right sides together and then sewing the edge, but when you have a two and a half year old literally pull you out of your chair because he is “too hungry momma!!!!”, you must go and get this little booger a snack and then come back to the sewing machine and just start completing the project you are doing because yet again pregnancy brain has taken over and you forget you are doing a tutorial until you look over and see the camera and wonder why it is next to the machine…. yeahhh so, moving on!
The skirt is now finished and can be pinned to the onesie and then sewn. I measured down about 2 inches from the armpits for the placement of the skirt. I had every intention of taking pictures of said measurements and the pinning process but do you remember the snack we gave the toddler a bit ago??? Well he has now came running into the room screaming that his food hurt his arm!! Let us deviate for a moment so you can hear this fun story!!
So my little bug asked his cousin ever so nicely for a sucker… not just any sucker mind you, this thing looks like it was once a unicorn horn. Yeah one of those giant spiral things. Well apparently while trying to eat this sucker like it was a corn on the cob, the sucker somehow got on his forearm and made it all sticky. as it was drying it was pulling on his tiny hairs and was “HURTTTTINGGGG” him!! So mommy to the rescue, we washed all exposed flesh of this sticky goo and promptly hid the sucker… in the bottom of the garbage! When I came back into the sewing room I once again forgot I was doing a tutorial and just kept on sewing my dress, until I saw the camera and yelled, “Piffle!!!” That is the Pooh version of any bad word that would work in that circumstance!
So yes, I finished the onsie dress without finishing taking pictures!
And now you are finished!!! Again here is the final product! I can’t wait to see how my niece looks in this!!
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