Austin Jeans Technical Drawing by Momma Quail Patterns

Austin Jeans Testing

I'm an so excited (and rather nervous, to be honest) about my latest project: I'm working on a men's jeans pattern! (Interested in testing? Apply below!) I got a menswear drafting book months ago and have been too afraid to do more than look at the pictures. But I finally put on my big girl … Continue reading
Sew Americana Tour - Friends Stitched Together - Captain Underpants Briefs from Momma Quail Patterns

Sew Americana

I love the Fourth of July. It's probably my second-favorite holiday after Thanksgiving and closely followed by Halloween ;) Katy has organized a super-fun Americana tour this week and I was so excited! Unfortunately, Tim got a stomach bug this weekend and as soon as he got feeling better, I got … Continue reading
Real life real sewing

Real Life, Real Sewing Blog Tour

Well, long time, no see, huh?? Every spring I get a lung/sinus infection and usually my doctor gives me antibiotics and I get over it - naturally this is the year they decided I needed to tough it out. And seven weeks later, I'm still "toughing it out"... Which means I haven't been getting a lot of … Continue reading
A Working Fly Tutorial by Friends Stitched Together

Sewing a Working Fly

Since I've started designing patterns, I've noticed that people seem to be intimidated by sewing functional flies. I sewed my first about four years ago with a Blank Slate pattern - I don't even remember which one now. I do remember thinking "Hey! That was cool!" and I've been sewing them ever … Continue reading